Let’s P.A.S.S.I.O.N. together! Make a change in 7 steps

July 12

A powerful tool for self-knowledge and change

Welcome to my blog about the PASSION Process. In this hectic and often overwhelming world, we yearn for tools and techniques that will help us better understand ourselves and break through unwanted patterns of behavior.

The PASSION Process is one such powerful tool that consists of 7 steps:

Pay Attention, Agree, Strengthen, Stop, Inhale, Open Up, and New.

It helps you consciously bring your attention to your physical and emotional reactions. By identifying, intensifying, and allowing these responses, you can eventually let go of the unwanted patterns that get in your way.

In this article, you will learn how this exercise improves your body awareness and helps you overcome inner blocks. The process enables conscious action in situations where our automatic patterns would otherwise kick in.

The P.A.S.S.I.O.N.-Process

The PASSION Process consists of 7 steps that help you bring your attention to automatic physical and emotional responses. You learn to understand, reinforce, and accept them, and ultimately let go of unwanted patterns.

This exercise can help you with self-reflection, stress management, and emotion regulation. You will improve your body awareness and overcome inner blocks. This ongoing mindfulness practice enables conscious action in situations where your automatic pattern occurs.

Deeper breathing and opening or stretching the body creates space for something new and a reboot in the here and now.

P - PAY ATTENTION: Create awareness

The first step of the PASSION Process is to draw your attention to what automatically happens in you physically, emotionally, and mentally when you slip into a familiar pattern.

In this phase, you recognize the pattern and pay attention to how your body tenses, how you breathe, what you feel or don't feel in that moment.

Be curious about how your mood expresses itself, and how your thoughts arise.

Notice all these aspects without judging or fighting them.

A - AGREE: Accept and allow

This step is about embracing your sensations and reactions exactly as they occur. It’s important to give them space without resistance or judgement. Don't judge yourself for feeling or thinking this way or that. This step is essential.
This is the beginning of a gentle and accepting "dialogue" with yourself. You acknowledge yourself and thereby enter into a very healing process. Figuratively speaking, you lovingly and acceptingly put your arms around your inner child.

S - STRENGTHEN: Increase sensations

Now it’s time to consciously amplify these sensations. Allow your posture, your emotions, and everything pertaining to this uncomfortable state to become stronger in a controlled way. Intentionally tense any muscles that normally contract unconsciously in this pattern.

Go to what you perceive as the peak, and feel intensively what is going on inside you. This may be unfamiliar or challenging. However, it enables you to feel or perceive the pattern even more consciously. You learn what is normally happening "under your radar" in your mind-body system. It’s about experiencing this state consciously, and understanding it and yourself better.

S - STOP: Let go and start fresh

This is the moment to release. Through the conscious act of letting go, your body learns that it is possible to end uncomfortable states and ingrained patterns.
In this relaxed state, you create space for change and growth.

I - INHALE: Recharge your batteries

Take a deep breath and feel how fresh energy flows into you. Use this moment to gain new strength and inspiration. Inhaling symbolizes a new beginning and paves the way for positive change.

Concentrate on breathing deeply in and out through your nose. This also calms your nervous system and supports self-regulation. By deepening your relaxed state with the help of mindful breathing, new insights can emerge from within you.

O - OPEN UP: Unfold and open

After you have intensified and then let go of the negative state, it’s time to give your body space to unfold and open up. Feel your body relax, stretch, and maybe move in a new way.

You can also support this process with active movements. But it’s important not to resort to traditional exercises that you already know from other contexts. Pay attention to your body's needs. Give in to your unique movement impulses and continue breathing deeply to provide your body with fresh energy.

This creates space for new sensations, ideas, feelings, behavioral impulses, and thoughts. It opens up the possibility of experiencing and discovering something new.

N - NEW: The power of change

The PASSION Process breaks the pattern that you are trying to release. This creates space for something new. Your body relaxes, expands, and opens up to new experiences. This enables you to reboot yourself in the here and now, promotes personal growth, and opens up new possibilities.

Benefits of the PASSION Process

The PASSION Process supports you in self-reflection, stress management, and emotion regulation. It also improves your body awareness, and you can overcome inner blocks and release patterns that stand in your way.

In my experience, at the end of the exercise, I often feel self-acceptance and a kinder attitude towards myself.

Who is the PASSION Process suitable for?

I encourage you to try the PASSION Process for yourself and share your experiences with me. Everyone is unique, and this exercise can help you develop more clarity and mindfulness, and a better understanding of yourself. If you would like someone to accompany you, I would be happy to work with you.

Please don't expect to go through this process once and then never fall back into the pattern. It is intended to be used as an ongoing practice that releases energy and makes you more mindful in a new way. If you go through the process several times, you will consciously pay attention to your body in situations in which your pattern would otherwise appear automatically. This will allow you to break through an automatic physical reaction – for example, by breathing more deeply, dropping your shoulders, or relaxing your gaze. This often creates a moment of conscious choice for you because if you consciously breathe differently or relax a specific part of your body, the pattern is disrupted.

This creates an opportunity to not always react in the same way.

The PASSION Process will help you evolve

I’m curious about how you find this mindfulness exercise and what effects it has on you.

Sometimes working with yourself in this way is not enough. If you find that you want someone by your side during this exercise and in your process, please feel free to contact me.

For 20 years, I have been accompanying people on their way to increased health, wellbeing, and satisfaction.

In individual sessions, I can support you in a safe environment where you can identify, allow, and end destructive patterns. In this way, we create space for new things, and you’ll feel how you can freely unfold your potential once again. This can have a very positive effect on your everyday life and your overall wellbeing.

It is also possible to do individual sessions and the PASSION Process ONLINE.

And you can book an appointment here.

And last but not least

... I wish you much fun and joy in exploring and releasing your blocks.

Warm regards, Mirjam

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