Nine month self-awareness programme

Connect with

 Your Inner Vision

Next Meeting 19th of June 2024

Connect with Your Inner Vision

Nine month self-awareness programme

Next meeting on May 15th 

Trust your vision and implement it step by step.

Through regular exchanges with a private online community, you can focus and empower yourself to become clear about what you want and make your vision a reality:

  • Become more aware of your talents and strengths and get on the path of your calling.
  • Recharge yourself with valuable feedback and new ideas.
  • Understand yourself more clearly and dissolve potential blockages.
  • Explore ways to live your vision intensely.
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Every month, a HAPPY BODY online workshop (1,5 hours, 9 workshops in total)

In the online workshops we train together on specific topics to identify and implement your vision step by step. This is also the space for dealing with blockages and obstacles, for which you will receive concrete exercises and valuable input.

Here you will work on central topics such as: 
- Finding your vision and visualizing it as a Visionmap 
- Calming your inner critic and staying empowered when you’re afraid 
- Finding your way back to your basic trust 
- Strengthening your self-confidence and your will 
- Dissolving mental blocks 
- Dealing with difficult feelings

EFFECT: These meetings will revitalize you and keep you aligned with your vision. 


As an added benefit, you will have a buddy by your side each month. Your buddy will be there for you in the days between workshops. Through various one-on-one and mindfulness exercises, you'll be able to interact and encourage each other.

Private Whatsapp group

A PRIVATE Whatsapp GROUP as a protected space where you can have an exchange with other participants.

All events are live online, so you can ask questions and discuss with others who are on the wonderful journey to their own vision just like you.

IMPORTANT: If you miss a meeting, you can download the recording from my website and watch it up to 7 days after the event.


... you find yourself asking the following questions:

  • How do I finally find what really moves me deep inside?
  • What is it that distinguishes me and makes me special?
  • How do I deal with the nagging fears and doubts I have about my future?

Participation is limited to 30 people to ensure individual, personal attention and a protected setting, which is very important to us. 

Who leads the year group?

I am Mirjam Köglsperger and have been working as a practitioner of the Grinberg Method® for more than 20 years.

I have been doing a vision map regularly for 15 years. In doing so, I have experienced over and over again how incredibly powerful this form of annual planning is.

I am very excited to take you on this wonderful journey next year, where you will connect with your deep, inner desires in a very special way.

Your next steps

You book your course place

You can book your place in the course through my partner Momoyoga.


You participate in the course

After booking you will receive more information from me by email.

You take time for your personal annual planning

You can keep connecting with your desires and goals throughout the rest of the year. Your subconscious mind will do the rest.

If you need help with the booking, write me an email at

I will be very happy to help you!


  • 9 HAPPY BODY workshops online, incl. breathing and mindfulness exercises, sMove! - moving meditation
  • 1 bonus meeting on Saturday 18.1.25 to design your individual annual plan for 2025 in the "Bodywork meets Visionmap" workshop
  • Until the end of the year, you will receive two personal Check-in and check-out sessions and three 20-minute one-to-one sessions, each in a one-to-one format.
  • Monthly new exercise ideas in the members' area for all visionaries
  • Buddy exchange
  • Individual support via WhatsApp between meetings
  • Individual, personalised support and a protected environment thanks to a limited number of participants (30 people)

Your Investment:

One-time Payment of €1000 (incl. VAT) (Valid from March 2024 to January 2025, excluding August)

You would like to get to know me or clarify a question personally?

Then make your appointment now for a free get-to-know conversation.

You are still unsure?

If you are unsure whether the annual program is right for you, then come to my WEBINAR.

Here you will get to know me and my way of working. I will present an essential tool of my work. You will also get a concrete, detailed insight into the structure, the process, the HAPPY BODY bodywork, the sMove! method and its effects, and you can get to know me/us personally.

Wednesday May 2nd, 18.30 hrs.

HERE you can register for my WEBINAR.

Email me at if you would like to attend the presentation.

Or you have a question?

Do you have any questions about the course or need further information?

Feel free to contact me - by mail at or by phone at 0175/8070323.