Anti-Stress Coaching: 1:1 Intensive  Grinberg Method® Retreat with Mirjam Köglsperger

Unresolved issues and unclear situations will block you and prevent you from facing life with renewed vigor. In this intensive eight-session program, I’ll guide you to finding your center again.

Anti-Stress Coaching: 1:1 Intensive Grinberg Method® Retreat with Mirjam Köglsperger

Unresolved issues and unclear situations will block you and prevent you from facing life with renewed vigor. In this intensive eight-session program, I’ll guide you to finding your center again.

Would you like to drop excess baggage and start fresh with new energy?

Would you like to consciously leave behind old behavior and thought patterns?

Would you like to have closure with old issues and make room for something new?

Do you want to recharge your batteries?

From December 27th to 30th 2023, I’m offering a three-day One-to-One Intensive Retreat. In eight HAPPY BODY individual sessions in just three days, old things in your body will be brought to a close through touch, breathing exercises, and attention exercises, bringing relief to your body and mind. In addition to the face-to-face sessions, we’ll meet online for three supporting HAPPY BODY sessions.

The intensive body work on three consecutive days allows for rapid clarification and relief. The short time in between the individual sessions means we can start each session at a higher level of energy and attention than would be possible with greater time intervals.

The One-to-One Summer Retreat is right for you if you want to:

  • process a difficult experience or change – personal or professional
  • prepare yourself for a new project
  • change your life situation and get closure with old issues in order to be free in the new situation
  • find peace and take a distance from the stress of everyday life

How does the 1:1 Intensive Retreat work?

Preliminary talk

The process starts with an individual HAPPY BODY online meeting to define and clarify the issue that’s weighing on your mind.

Retreat - intensive phase

Then from 27th to 30th of December 2023, there will be two HAPPY BODY in-person sessions or online (individual sessions) every day (morning and afternoon, 60 minutes each).

Retreat - development phase

In the first week of January 2024, we’ll do a Zoom call in the evening, when I’ll teach you tailor-made exercises for your individual training plan. From this, I’ll create a 30-minute training program for you, which you’ll use to integrate your experience and what you learned from the process.


A month later we’ll end the One-to-One Intensive Retreat with a final individual online session via Zoom, where we’ll summarize the program, adjust your training if necessary, and determine together how you can best continue the process on your own.

Book your introductory consultation now

Since the One-to-One Retreat is very intense, it’s important that we get to know each other beforehand.
Simply fill out this form to submit your request for a free 20-minute introductory Zoom meeting.

Give yourself time

Because the one-to-one retreat is designed to be an intense physical experience, it’s advisable to plan some rest time in the days following your sessions.

This will help you integrate the experience into your body and your everyday life.

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Where does the retreat take place?

The in-person, one-on-one sessions take place at the
Happy Body Institute,
Schellingstrasse 20,
80799 Munich

For the Happy Body online sessions, we’ll meet on Zoom.

Who will help you embark on this wonderful path of self-discovery?

My name is Mirjam Köglsperger and I have been practicing the Grinberg Method® for almost 20 years. I completed my training as an alternative practitioner in psychotherapy in 2017, and I’ve been a Grinberg Method® trainer since 2021.

I help my clients to release their bottled-up emotions – regardless of their causes. This includes various forms of pain and anxiety, which can be severely limiting.

I have been enthusiastic about the 1:1 Intensive Retreat format for many years, both as a practitioner and as a client myself. The format corresponds to my personality: I often want to get rid of obstacles quickly. And this intense way of breaking out of stuck patterns of behavior and thought – concentrated and with empathic support – is just fantastic.

Everything is in motion and in flux: our world, our thoughts, our feelings. This movement is reflected in our body. If it’s blocked or restricted, our well-being and health suffer.
I support my clients on their journey, and help them do the things they’ve always wanted to do in a natural and self-reliant way.
That’s the goal.
I would love to accompany you on your path!

Take the next steps

Book an appointment using the calendar below.

We’ll get to know each other in a free 20-minute online meeting.

Come to the retreat.

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Your contribution

  • 8 Happy Body individual in-person sessions with touch, breathing exercises, and attention exercises
  • 3 Happy Body individual online sessions to prepare for and follow up on the 1:1 Intensive Retreat
  • Let go of limiting patterns
  • Recharge your batteries and move forward with full power
  • Get rid of excess baggage


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Grinberg Method®?

The Grinberg Method® is an exciting way to get to know yourself better through your body. With its help, you can recognize and dissolve ingrained patterns of thinking and behavior, and identify and free yourself from energy-sapping situations. And you’ll learn through your body in the process. The Grinberg Method® is an especially good fit for anyone who takes responsibility for themselves and wants to learn about their own body to make the best of their life.

How does an individual session work in practice?

Initially, the work takes place lying down. Later, we may also work sitting or standing. The client usually wears only underwear, similar to a massage, so that I can perceive even the smallest movements of the skin and muscle tissue. Each session starts with a short conversation, in which changes and observations since the last session are discussed. This is followed by an approximately 40-minute phase in which we work with the body. A final 10-minute rest phase gives you the opportunity to integrate what you’ve experienced. 

What techniques are used in the Grinberg Method®?

As a practitioner, I support you through touch, movement, and discussion. From a repertoire of well over a hundred combinations of massage, pressure, and touch techniques, as well as breathing and mindfulness exercises, I select those that enable you to have as many new and instructive experiences as possible in the given moment. 

How does the 1:1 Intensive Retreat work?

First we meet for a HAPPY BODY Zoom call to clarify what’s important to you or what subject you’d like to work on. 
Then, during the 1:1 Intensive Retreat, you’ll get two HAPPY BODY individual in-person sessions for three or four consecutive days: one session in the morning and one in the evening. 
The following Monday we’ll do a 60-minute HAPPY BODY online session where I’ll show you breathing, mindfulness, and physical exercises to help you integrate what you’ve learned. 
One month after the 1:1 Intensive Retreat, we’ll meet again via Zoom for a follow-up.

Who is the 1:1 Intensive Retreat suitable for?

The Grinberg Method® is basically suitable for people who want to learn new things and are interested in becoming more aware of their bodies. You should be willing to question the status quo and allow new things to happen. You should also feel the desire for change in your life, or the urge to go beyond self-imposed limits in order to develop personal qualities. 

How much does the 1:1 Intensive Retreat cost?

Basic Package: 1100 €* includes

6 HAPPY BODY individual sessions (1 hour per session) in Munich or via Zoom.
3 HAPPY BODY individual sessions (1 hour per session) via Zoom.

Premium Package: 1350€ includes

8 HAPPY BODY individual sessions (1 hour per session) in Munich or via Zoom.
3 HAPPY BODY individual sessions (1 hour per session) via Zoom.

Designed to meet your individual needs, these packages offer you personalized sessions that can be held in Munich or via the convenience of Zoom. Whether you're looking for a complete transformation or a boost to your wellbeing, I have a package to suit you.

Invest in yourself today and start your journey to a happier and healthier you. I will be with you every step of the way.

*Prices include VAT.

If you have any questions or would like to book your package, please don't hesitate to contact me.

What happens if I have to cancel an appointment on short notice?

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, I reserve the right to charge you for the session. At 48 hours before the start of the retreat, 50% of the fee is due. Before that, there is no fee if you cancel. 

I have another question that’s not mentioned here...

Then please contact me by phone at +49 175 80 70 323 or by email:

I’m happy to answer your questions!