The best stress-management coaching is tailored to your body

"I can't do it!" or "I'm not enough!" Do you know the feeling? Do you sometimes notice that your body is tense, your breathing shallow and irregular? Do you suffer from tachycardia, dizziness, sweating, or shortness of breath? Is your body calling for help and demanding attention through digestive problems, sleep disorders, or back pain?

Stress damages your body and can lead to mental and physical burnout. The Grinberg Method® helps you find out exactly where stress is affecting your body and supports you in developing personalized stress-reduction strategies.

In my stress-management coaching, I’ll show you how to identify blockages using specific touch techniques and breathing exercises. Working with your mind and your body, I’ll teach you to let go of tension. Finally, we’ll apply this experience to your everyday life. Over time, you’ll learn to respond less physically to stress. This will drastically reduce your stress level so burnout can be avoided or alleviated.

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