HAPPY BODY Membership: 

Grinberg Method® exercises – train whenever and wherever you want

Training sessions from 15 to 60 minutes covering a wide range of themes – including breathing exercises and movement meditation. Plus: open group training once a month.

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Well-being and ease in every situation in life – tailored to your specific needs

  • Do you feel worn out and exhausted?
  • Are you facing a challenging situation?
  • Are you in pain?
  • Would you like to completely relax?
Then come join us and start moving! In the HAPPY BODY Members area, you’ll find the right Grinberg Method® exercises to dissolve pain and anxiety, find calm and balance, or uncover limiting behavior patterns.
Best of all, no prior experience is necessary and the workouts are available to you at any time. Just log in and get started!

HAPPY BODY Membership
What’s in it for you

  • videos
  • exercise descriptions
  • illustrations

so you can put together your own personalized workout

as well as

  • a variety of ready-to-use workouts of 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes each

Available around the clock, tailored to your individual needs – wherever you are and whatever you need.

Everything’s easier when we work together – open group training

One Saturday a month we meet for an online training session. During this session, I’m available to answer your questions and we use the opportunity to fine-tune the synergy between breathing and movement. I will give you targeted training suggestions so that you benefit even more from the Grinberg Method® exercises, and the energy of the group will carry you through – because as we all know, everything’s easier when we work together!

Can't attend a session? No problem! Recordings of the training sessions are available in the Members' area.

Who’s behind the HAPPY BODY Membership? 


My name is Mirjam Köglsperger and I have been accompanying people on their way to greater health, well-being, and satisfaction for 20 years. I am a Grinberg Method® practitioner, trainer, and teacher, and an alternative practitioner in psychotherapy. 

In my HAPPY BODY Membership program, you’ll learn to notice, release, and stop destructive patterns through gentle training sessions, so that there’s room for something new. Your potential will unfold freely again – in all areas of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a specific physical symptom or disability. Is the HAPPY BODY membership still suitable for me?

This is best clarified on a case-by-case basis. Please book a free introductory online consultation so I can answer you more accurately.

I’ve never done much exercise. Do you need previous experience to do this training?

No, no prior experience is required. The Grinberg Method® training units and exercises are suitable for people of all ages and skill levels. You can choose the exercises that suit you individually, or use the ready-made training units.

What topics are addressed by the exercises in the HAPPY BODY membership?

You’ll find a section with breathing and awareness exercises. There are also exercises that focus on releasing pain and anxiety. There’s a special section about silence, and also a variety of movement meditations. In this form of meditation, the movement of the body serves to cultivate attention. It combines elements of mindfulness, body awareness, and movement to calm the mind and establish a deeper connection with the body.

There are so many exercises that interest me. How do I put together my own training session?

I always recommend starting with a breathing exercise that connects you to your body. This is followed by specific movement exercises to help release any positions or patterns that are stuck in your body, such as pain or undesirable habits. At the end of each training session is an integration phase, when you can let your body work intuitively by dropping your habits and giving more space to your physical sensations.

I have another question about the HAPPY BODY membership.

I’d be very happy to answer any other questions you may have. It’s best to book a free introductory online consultation, so we can take the time to discuss your concerns.