Relieve pain with the Grinberg Method®

First we’ll identify the causes and how the pain manifests in your body. Then we’ll see if you’re holding a protective posture that might be dragging you deeper into the pain spiral. You’ve taken your first step towards relief!

In the second step, I’ll teach you to face the pain, working with touch, breathing exercises, movement, contracting, and letting go. You’ll also learn how to release blockages yourself. We’ll develop your unique physical strategy for pain reduction and relief. Finally, you’ll learn how to allow your body to deal with pain on its own.

Please note:
As a practitioner of the Grinberg Method® and alternative practitioner in psychotherapy, I’m more than happy to work in collaboration with your doctor. In individual sessions, we can also prepare you and your body for an operation so that you can go into it relaxed and anxiety-free.

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