Grinberg practice – what I offer

With genuine empathy and clear guidelines, I use the principles of the Grinberg Method® to show you how you can free yourself from stress, pain, and fear. You will learn to recognize and transform ways of thinking and behaving that restrict your body. A Grinberg Method® learning process works with the body's wealth of experience and memories. The goal is to recover your sense of self and regain self-control in your physical reactions and feel like yourself again.

Rediscover your power to act. You can end suffering and limitations at any time!”

The Grinberg Method® can help you to…

  • Cope with stress
    Learn to dissolve blockages and let go of tension through gentle touch techniques and breathing exercises.
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  • Relieve pain
    Together we’ll locate your pain and develop your unique physical strategy to deal with it.
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  • Overcome performance anxiety 
    Can you finally be at ease when you speak in public, take an exam, or perform onstage? Yes, it’s possible with the Grinberg Method®. I'll show you how!
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  • Find the courage to change
    Have the courage to experience change in your life with confidence. The Grinberg Method® will help you.
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  • Discover your strengths
    Find your strengths through the power of your body – as a Grinberg practitioner, I’ll support you on your personal journey.
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  • Be healthier at work
    For businesses: occupational health care through exercise and relaxation with the Grinberg Method® – for your team, in the workplace.
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HAPPY BODY Academy – upcoming events

In my HAPPY BODY Academy, you’ll find a selection of online programs as well as online and in-person workshops with me.

Find Your Vision

The annual self-awareness program for anyone who wants to find their vision and trust their own path.

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Footwork weekend

Vitality, well-being, and stress reduction begin with your feet. Learn all about it in my next workshop in Crest.

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1:1 intensive days

Eight face-to-face individual sessions with me in Munich or ONLINE: get rid of your old baggage! I’ll accompany you on the road to fresh vitality.
Or we can also do this 1:1 intensive retreat online.

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Mirjam Köglsperger – Praktikerin nach der Grinberg Methode®

The Grinberg Method® uses body work to help you change limiting patterns. As a Grinberg practitioner and alternative practitioner in psychotherapy, I’ll show you how to recognize your automatic physical reactions and disruptive behavioral patterns. And I’ll teach you techniques, exercises, and strategies to let go of your physical and mental blocks.

Grinberg Therapie Angebot

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